Pszczyna is a small town (no more than 25 thousand citizent) in the south of Poland. It’s a great place for a few hour trip, so if you are passing Pszyczna you have to stop and spend some time here.

I’m totally sure that when you saw the name of this place you thought – Pszczyna? How on Earth is that word possible? How is it pronounced? What happened to vowels? So let’s start with a short lesson of Polish language. Actually Polish is easy to read – every letter has one sound – it’s just a matter of knowing what sound. We have just few digraphs. “Sz” pronounced like “sh” in the word “ship, “cz” pronounced like “ch” in the word “chess”. This way we get to the most difficult vowel in polish to pronounce “y”. I guess it’s closest to the way you say it in the word “myth”. If you still have problems with pronouncing “Pszczyna” don’t worry we use it as element of most difficult tongue twisters!

The most splendid place in Pszczyna is a castle with stables surrounded with a big park. From 1946 it serves as a Museum presenting interiors, chambers, galleries, grand stairs, a library and a vestibule. It’s impressive that 80% of all furnishing is original, even the crystal mirrors remain intact.

In the 19century the owner Prince Hans Heinrich XI became duke and was honored to the rank of the Emperor’s Master of the Royal Hunt at the Berlin court. The duke was often visited by king and noble men from whole Europe. This meant he needed a new palace, suited for a duke. That is why he turned the old castle into a  monumental palace which was called Chateau Pless.

The most known inhabitant of Chateau Pless was English lady Mary Theresa Olivia Cornwallis-West, Princess von Pless, known as Daisy.

During the first World War the castle played an important role housing an Emperor’s Headquarters and the General Staff of the German Army.

If you want to visit the castle please check information on their english website.

The park is a public domain and you can enter it for free at any time. The part of the park closest to the palace is english landscape garden with all typical elements –  lake, gently rolling lawns,  classical temples, bridges, and other picturesque architecture, designed to recreate an idyllic pastoral landscape.

Surpassingly in the park you can encounter a bison! In an enclosure called “Besitary”  you may also admire mouflon, deer, fallow deer and roe deer. The animals can be watched from a special platform. It’s also great to see them during feeding time. The tickets are 10zł and discount 6zł.

It is always worth to check the official web page of City of Pszczyna especially it has an english version.