We desided to start discovering Bielsko-Biała at the Railway Station. Its beauty gives you a first hint of what you can expect in this town.Espeacially the enterior with beautiful frescos on the ceiling attracts attention.The station was built over 100 years ago and belonged to “Austrian-Hungarian priviledged Nothern Railway of Emperor Ferdinand” . Thanks to this Northern Railway citizens of Bielsko could go to Prague or Viena.

There is a footbridge next to the station. The view from it will not only give you a possibility to observe trains (if you are lucky you can see polish fastest train – Pendolino that goes from Bielsko-Biała to Gdynia by the Baltic Sea) but also a distinctive feature of Bielsko-Biała – mountains surrounding the town.

To continue our tour you will need a map. You can print it out or get in the City Information Center at plac Ratuszowy 4.

Our next stop is Chrobry square (plac Chrobrego) beautifuly decorated with a big Christmas  Tree and lights in Christmas season and vigorous place full of people in the summer. The most distinctive element of that square is a castle in Bielsko-Biała. The oldest part of the castle goes back to 14th century. It belonged to gentry families (Sunnegh and Sulkowski). According to the legend in this place there was a stronghold of robbers who were attacking merchants. Prince Kazimierz destroyed the stronghold and build a castle to protect Bielsko city and the surrounding villages from robbers and enemy armies.In the castle you will find a museum of Bielsko history. It is worth to see if you like neolitic axes and pottery, Roman coins and  medieval outfits. There is a nice, detailed model of the castle from 16th century which will give you a good idea how it used to look like. We spend some time on finding different elements like knights, carts etc.

Practical info:

Tickets: normal 15zł, student 8zł, family 38zł.

On Sundays admition for free. Children below 7 years old free admition

Opended 9:00- 15:00, closed on Mondays

Walking up from the castle you will get to the main square (Rynek) with lots of historical baroque and classicist houses. In the middle you will find a statue of Neptune with a chanel that leads to a model of the Rynek. There are also foundations of city scale and well. Now it’s a touristic atraction but used to be a place where people came for water.

img_20161226_125218Just 10 meters from the Rynek in cellars from 14th century at Cieszyńska street 3 you will find a Cafe and Museum of Maluch. Maluch is a pet name for a very small city car FIAT 126p which was produced in Poland till 2000. My family got a Maluch in the 80ties and it was a dream come true. To get a car in communistic Poland you had to get on the list and when finally called to collect his car my father had no choice of color (that day the parking was filled with bright yellow Fiats). After seeing the size of that car you will not believe that a family of four traveled few hundred kilometers by it to the Baltic Sea (I still don’t belive it). We attached the bags on the roof! Now you can sit in the back of that car turned into a sofa. The whole cafe/museum if full of recycled elements of FIAT as tables, sofas and chaires. Walls covered with posters and diagrams. Iit’s a must see for on the road fun!

p1030718It will take you a 15 minutes walk from the Rynek to get to the Weaver’s House. When looking at this wooden house it’s hard to imagine that most of the houses in this area looked like this. Well you can imagine that they also burn down very fast. In the 18th century there were lots of weavers in Bielsko. If the weaver was rich he could build a house where his whole family lived and worked.One part of this house is a kitchen – the center of family life. Beside kitchenware and dishes you will find simple looms that weaver’s wife was using. The most representative room – masters bedroom has white walls and elegant furniture. The biggest part of the house are workshops were weaver was creating best quality cloth for sale.

Practical info:

Tickets: normal 10zł, student 6zł, family 25zł.

On Tuesdays admition for free, children below 7 years old free admition.

Opended 9:00- 15:00, closed on Mondays

If you enjoy old machines and factories Stara Fabryka (Old Factory) Museum is for you.The weaver who lived in the weavers house was using a manual loom and 19th century called the age of steam is also time of rapid industrial growth. Bielsko was home town of hundreds of factories mainly producing good quality fabrics but also machines and iron foundries.In the museum you can see a map of all factories in Bielsko, posters, advertisements,factory owner portraits and lots of different mechanical tools. Personaly I found taking photos of these gears and rolls interesting. What you might also like  is trying on hats in a fitting room.


Practical info:

Tickets: normal 11zł, student 7zł, family 31zł.

On Sundays admition for free. Children below 7 years old free admition

Opended 9:00- 15:00, closed on Mondays


On the banks of Biała river you will find sculpture of a dog called Reksio. He is a hero of popular cartoon series created in Animated Films Studio in Bielsko Biala in late 1960ties. Reksio as well as Bolek and Lolek were heroes of my childhood when cartoon was on air only once a day at 7 p.m. broacasted by public TV chanel 1. Reksio is friendly and curious dog and the cartoon is still popular among kids age 3-5. Since it’s speachless  I strongly recommend to see it.

In the Touristic Information Center you can also buy Reksio soft toy or other Reksio souvenires.

10 minutes walk from Reksio you will find on the corner of Targowa street and Wojska Polskiego square an amazing art nouveau tenement house “Under the frogs”. Above the main entrance there are sculptures of partying frogs – with a log pipe and mandoline, leaning on a barrel of wine. The frogs are beeing naughty becouse it was an entrance to w winery.

From here it’s 5 minutes walk to the City Information Center which is unfortunately closed on Sunday. On their web page you will find addresses of indoor playgrounds for children, swimming pools, climbing walls and ropes courses in Bielsko-Biała.

If you have more time to spend in Bielsko-Biała there are a few recreation areas great for not difficult hiking with kids.

Cygański Las (Gipsy Forest) and Mikuszowice Błonia

It’s a big park with wide alleys and benches which turns into a forest. It’s great for jogging, bikking and other sports ( tennis courts and a swimming pool are available). Following Cygański Las are Mikuszowice Błonia a perfectly developed recreational and sports area in Bielsko. It’s a real heaven for children with a playground for younger and older kids (ropes, sandpits, slides) and a bike safety town with a bike rental. From Błonia some of the easiest hiking trails in Bielsko has been marked out – up Mount Kozia Góra.